Madrid is studying requesting the declaration of a catastrophic zone and recommends teleworking these days

The Madrid City Council studies requesting the declaration of a catastrophic zone for the capital, as indicated this Sunday by the mayor, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, at a press conference after the extraordinary meeting of the city.

“We value that state, it is one of the options that we handle as means and way of controlling this situation “, has detailed below. Present with him were the vice mayor, Begoña Villacís; the delegate of Security and Emergencies, Inmaculada Sanz, and the delegate of Environment and Mobility, Borja Carabante.

Fallen trees in Fuencarral street in Madrid.

Martínez-Almeida has explained that it has to be evaluated if it is appropriate from a legal point of view and what the requirements are, and from a tactical point of view, they have to verify that the necessary assumptions are met. “It will be verified these days”, has apostilled.

They ask that telework be facilitated

On the other hand, the Consistory has asked Madrid companies to, as far as possible, facilitate teleworking for your employees the next few days.

The vice mayor, Begoña Villacís, explained that the City Council itself is going to apply telework, for example in the 010 telephone service.

Open Cercanías as soon as possible

In addition, Martínez-Almeida has asked the central government to open “as soon as possible” Cercanías, because it is an “absolutely vital artery for communication” in the city of Madrid.

The mayor has emphasized that as long as there is no capacity for the capital’s roads to be open to EMT vehicles and buses, the two great assets are Metro and Cercanías.

“It is priceless that Andalusia and Murcia have made this effort for the city of Madrid. We will not forget it

Almeida has considered a “great news” that the Metro has been open for 24 hours because it has given “a very important respite to mobility in such a difficult situation.”

“Therefore, it is essential, as far as possible, because I am aware of the difficultiesAs it cannot be otherwise, that there the Government made a special effort to re-establish the Cercanías service, “he said.

Almeida has celebrated the coordination that has taken place with the central Executive as well as with other autonomous communities, such as Murcia or Andalusia, who have sent them snow plows. “It is priceless that these autonomous communities have made this effort for the city of Madrid. We will not forget“, he remarked.

Don’t let anyone pick up your car: what to do

Regarding private cars, the Madrid City Council has asked citizens who had to abandon their vehicles on the M-30 not to come to pick them up since the services of the road itself and the Municipal Transport Company (EMT) They will transfer them to the nearest warehouse.

Cars trapped on the M-30 this Saturday by the storm Filomena.

The owners of these cars should write to providing your name and surname, as well as a contact phone, the registration, color and model of the vehicle and the approximate location of where it was left.

The reasons that lead the Government of the capital to make this appeal go through security reasons, since “not all roads are clear and could get stuck in other sections where he is working urgently. “

Thus, once the vehicle is transferred to the warehouse, the City Council will contact the person who has claimed it, and at that time you can go to pick it up when mobility has been guaranteed on city roads and streets.

Finally, the Consistory has highlighted that this service is free and that they estimate that there are around 700 cars on Calle 30. In addition, security problems remain on the road because there are “impassable” sections, for which he has asked citizens to continue in their homes.

The SER, suspended until Wednesday

The Madrid City Council has announced that it will suspend the Regulated Parking Service (SER) until Wednesday, January 13.

This has been announced by the delegate of the Environment and Mobility Area, Borja Carabante, on social networks, where he has also insisted that citizens should not come to collect their vehicles. “We are working urgently to clear all the roads in Madrid. Stay at home“has moved.

Thousands of trees affected

The delegate of Environment and Mobility of the Madrid City Council, Borja Carabante, has calculated in “hundreds or thousands” of trees affected in the capital, many of them fallen or with broken branches, and has warned that these can “keep falling”.

As he explained in the press conference after the Governing Board, “the amount of snow on the trees and that drop in temperatures would produce excessive weight that could break branches “.

That is why the delegate has made an appeal “to prudence”, since “hundreds of them have fallen”. The City Hall firefighters and cleaning services are already working to remove logs, prioritizing the main axes of the city.

Once the largest number of trees in poor condition and fallen branches have been removed, a woodland inspection work, especially in areas like El Retiro park.

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