Madrid numbers thousands of trees affected by the snowfall and warns that “they may continue to fall”

The delegate of Environment and Mobility of the Madrid City Council, Borja Carabante, has calculated in “hundreds or thousands” of trees affected in the capital, many of them fallen or with broken branches, after the great snowfall caused by the storm Filomena and has warned that these may “continue to fall.”

As he explained in the press conference after the Governing Board, “the amount of snow on the trees and that drop in temperatures would produce an excessive weight that could split the branches“.

For this reason, the delegate has made an appeal “to the prudence“, since” hundreds of them have fallen “.

The firefighters of the Consistory and the cleaning services are already working in remove logs, prioritizing the main axes of the city.

Once the largest number of trees in poor condition and fallen branches have been removed, a work of woodland inspection, especially in areas like El Retiro park.

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