Majority of voters want referendum on independence in Scotland, Sunday Times poll finds

According to a poll published on Sunday by the Sunday Times, 50% of Scottish voters are in favor of holding an independence referendum. Excluding the undecided, 52% of respondents support independence.

The published poll also indicates that 51% of voters in Northern Ireland want a referendum on the reunification of Ireland, showing another rift in the unity of the Kingdom.

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who is also the leader of the SNP separatists, has been pleading for months for the holding of a referendum on Scottish independence, after the one lost by her camp in 2014 when 55 % of Scots had said “no” to independence.

She invokes in particular Brexit, which took place against the will of a majority of Scots, as an argument to detach herself from the United Kingdom. She hopes that Scotland, once independent, can eventually join the European Union.

While the British as a whole voted 51.9% for Brexit in 2016, the Scots were 62% opposed to leaving the EU.

But the decision to hold a new referendum rests with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who firmly refuses.

“Boris Johnson clearly fears the verdict of the Scottish people”, denounced Nicola Sturgeon, interviewed Sunday on the BBC.

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