Malcolm X assassination: his family wants the investigation to be reopened – .

A letter written by a former police officer, now deceased, accuses the New York police and the FBI of complicity in the murder of Malcolm X (1965), an African-American activist.

A new testimony on the assassination of Malcolm X

Malcolm X, real name El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, was an African-American political activist. Three people shot him fatally during his speech in the Audubon Ballroom, Manhattan (United States), February 21, 1965.

In a letter written by a former police officer (now dead), presented at a press point on Saturday, February 20, the New York law enforcement and the FBI are accused of complicity in this murder.

“Anything that makes it easier to know the truth … should be carefully considered”

According to the cousin of this police officer, the latter would have become closer to the entourage of Malcolm X under the order of his hierarchy. He allegedly trapped two of his bodyguards, arrested a few days before theassassination of the activist.

The Afro-American girls therefore demanded that the investigation be reopened. “Anything that sheds light on the truth about this terrible tragedy should be carefully considered”, believes one of them, Ilyasah Shabazz, quoted by RTL.

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