Mamen Mendizábal, forced to apologize for using a wrong image in ‘Better late’

The presenter Mamen Mendizábal had to apologize this Monday after Better late include by mistake a photograph of former prosecutor José María Mena Álvarez on the list of ex-military men who have signed a manifesto against “the deterioration of democracy” in Spain.

The LaSexta program reported on the document headed by Lieutenant General Emilio Pérez Alamán, Admiral José María Treviño and Lieutenant General Juan Antonio Álvarez Jiménez, and that it had been signed by generals, officers, legionaries and soldiers, without realizing that the The infographic used for the story included José María Mena Álvarez, illustrating the name of Jose Maria Mena, lieutenant general with whom the lawyer has nothing to do.

For this reason, the journalist apologized live: “We have put a photo of the former prosecutor Mena when we wanted to put one of the former military Mena. My sincere apologies to former prosecutor Mena who is not going to like anything to see his face involved in this chat of shame or in any kind of coup plotters “.

The ruling did not go unnoticed by some viewers, who commented on Twitter that the Atresmedia space had screwed up. “I was scared when you put the photo of the prosecutor Mena “or” José María Mena is a fighter for Democracy. Please correct the error “are some of the messages.

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