Man dies inside bakery and his body is visible to all

For about two hours, the lifeless body of a homeless man was left in view of the customers of a bakery in Rio de Janeiro

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Brazil.- A homeless man died inside a bakery located in Rio de Janeiro, and his body was covered inside the commercial premises, whose owner refused to close.

The event, which has outraged Brazilian society, occurred near the Nossa Senhora da Paz square, in the locality Ipanema.

This act, classified as « cruel », was published by journalist Joaquim Ferreira dos Santos, for the newspaper Or Balloon, last Sunday, November 29.

« Death is the new banal. The proof is that now it was also thrown without scandal, among the cakes and ice cream in the bakery on the block, » he said.

In his narrative, Ferreira indicates that the sudden death of the man occurred around 8:00 a.m. on Friday the 27th, after he had arrived at the place to order something to eat.

« The man who died on the floor of the bakery was the same man who came every day to ask him to buy him coffee and bread with butter. He was a beggar, black. He was missing, they say, in treatment for tuberculosis. »

The body was left inside the commercial premises and, instead of closing its doors as the authorities arrived to lift the body, the owner of the premises decided to « corral » it with chairs to keep it away from customers.

One of the clients even asked the manager to close the place for « health and humanitarian » reasons; however, only the owner’s refusal was taken.

« No one had humanity when he was lying in the street. Now that he died playing in my bakery, they want me to have humanity, » the merchant alleged, according to the O Globo journalist.

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