Manchester City vs Real Madrid: Modric and Valverde, one card from the penalty or from being clean

Manchester City vs Real Madrid The cycle ends in the round of 16 and does not drag on to the next season

Modric and Valverde, during a training session in Valdebas.

He Real Madrid jump to the City of Manchester tonight with two players in the absence of a card to complete the cycle: Luka Modric and Fede Valverde. With two yellow cards each after the first seven games of this edition of the Champions League, one more yellow would make them miss the match on August 15 in the event that Zidane’s team comes back.

If they are not reprimanded, they will pass clean. The UEFAIn order to give the maximum possible balance to this strange edition of their competitions, they have decided that the yellow team will be cut in eighths instead of fourths, as is the norm. This ensures that players who go to the finals do so without any pending threats.

The player who complete cycle in the eighth games he must serve a sanction, but as soon as he finishes those four pending crosses, all the accumulated yellows will disappear.

“Exceptionally, all outstanding yellow cards and yellow card penalties expire at the end of the play-offs. They do not carry over to the group stage. Also, all yellow cards expire at the completion of the round of 16. they move to the quarterfinals, “UEFA explains in its statement.

He Manchester City take to the field without warning players. In any case, if a player sees two yellow cards tonight he will surely lose the quarterfinal game because the normal of expulsions remains unchanged.