Manga Episode #91 Reveals Pan’s Future In The Franchise

We are just three days away from knowing the details of episode #91 of the Dragon Ball Super manga. In the end, Goten and Trunks seem to not be the heroes of anything and the development of this arc will be focused on telling what we saw in Super Hero.

The recent previews of the episode, which officially comes out on March 19 on Manga Plus, they already showed the scene in which Gamma 2 goes in search of Piccolo; just as it happened in the Dragon Ball Super film that was released in theaters in mid-2022.

So, the thing is simple. What will come from now on is Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. That is to say Gohan Beast, Orange Piccolo, Cell Max, the fight against the Red Patrol and a secondary participation of Goten and Trunks, who merge in this fight, but the technique is more parody than anything else. We still hope for an unexpected twist.

Looking for details we find another particular situation in these advances. According to what you review alpha beta Playthe future that Pan points to in the Dragon Ball Super stories has been known.

Pan: we expect you to be a formidable warrior

The leaks from #91 of the manga show the scene where Piccolo goes to pick up Pan at school. The little girl, barely three years old, goes with the namekuiseí to her house to train martial arts.

Pan excitedly claims to be a Saiyaman. Piccolo asks her about the situation and she tells him about Trunks and Goten’s adventures. Then, after a particular dialogue between the two, Gohan’s little daughter says that she wants to become a superhero.

Will we be in the presence of the first Super Saiyan woman, in Universe 7?