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RTVE announced this Monday new additions to the renewed programming with which its two radio stations, Radio Nacional and Radio 5 will start 2021. Among those signings, stands out that of the judge emerita and former mayor of Madrid Manuela Carmena to lead the Master of Justice on Thursdays at 6:00 p.m. on Radio 5. In the program, Carmena will resolve listeners’ doubts about the world of justice in a “pleasant, simple and even fun” way, as described in the press release in which the station public has communicated the news.

It is not the first collaboration with the media by the former mayor of Madrid. In September, she joined the program Planta Baixa, a morning magazine of social and political news on the Catalan public channel TV3. Thus, he joined a wave of politicians who went to the small screen with the new television season: in autumn, José Bono, Cristóbal Montoro, Leire Pajín, Joan Tardá, Xavi Doménech and Celia were also seen in La hora de La 1 Villalobos, while Marcos de Quinto and Cristina Cifuentes participated in Todo es lie, in Cuatro.

Among the renowned incorporations announced by RNE is Juan Luis Arsuaga, paleanthropologist and co-director of Atapuerca, who will be in charge of a program of scientific culture on National Radio, The pleasure of admiration, still without a premiere date and in which he will delve into the profiles of different prominent characters. In addition, the journalist Paco Lobatón will be in charge of the Diario de absences program on Radio 5. The space, which will be broadcast on Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning, will focus on the search and memory of disappeared persons through the testimony of their family members and with the help of experts in the field. In addition, public radio and television will encourage citizen collaboration through all its channels, radio, web and social networks, to try to help locate the disappeared. The journalist will also direct the Search Service space from Radio Nacional and Radio 5, which will appear on the air when the situation requires it and is intended to be a call to the active participation of the audience to locate missing persons in collaboration with the National Center for the Disappeared of the Ministry of Interior.

In addition to these new spaces, other existing ones will have new additions this radio season. No matter how late, the program directed and presented by Julia Varela, will have new sections such as the one run by the star La Terremoto de Alcorcón, who will address the concerns and concerns of the ordinary citizen and will explain current events in an artistic way and entertaining. Comedian Millán Salcedo, former member of Martes y Trece, will have a weekly space to interact with the program’s listeners. The singer Ruth Lorenzo also joins as a collaborator to chat with Varela about current music and stage and new trends. Also joining the RNE afternoons are the Paralympic athlete Teresa Perales, the former Minister of Culture José Guirao, the writer and lawyer Manel Loureiro, the nurse Esther Gómez and the blogger Isabel Llano, known as Isasaweis. The team of comedians also grows with Carolina Iglesias, Luis Álvaro, Elsa Ruiz, Sil de Castro, Paula Púa, Henar Álvarez, Fernando Moraño, Miguel Iríbar, Nacho García and Virginia Riezu.

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