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Last summer WillyRex announced the good news: Cristina, her partner, was pregnant and they were expecting their first daughter together. Nine months have passed and the content creator has made it public that he has become a father.

« MARIA is born!« . Thus, with the name in capital letters, WillyRex told the whole world that the greatest joy of his life had arrived. On the morning of January 12, 2021 we were all pending his official account. Minutes before 10 in the morning he commented that he was in the hospital.The day had come.

Willy did not hide his nervousness, but neither could he hide his happy face. Not even with the mask that we all have to wear. Her face was pure happinessAnd that he still had several hours left to hold his little girl’s hand.

In order to see Maria, Willy had to wait a long time. It is the most normal in these cases. The youtuber himself was distracted by some posts on Twitter. First he would leave us all alone. Despite being in a hospital, he was comfortable: « They have given me a comfortable chair for when I get dizzy, which will be about 6 or 7 times« .

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Later he would give us small doses of information. After 13:30 he confirmed that there was still a wait, although obviously less and less time. As a reminder, Willy wrote a date that he will surely never forget: « 1/12/21 ». At the same time it opened an absurd debate on whether the date is capicúa or not. Anyway, Twitter.

An hour later, the content creator, one of the most admired and loved in our country, confirmed again that the wait was taking forever. « Maria is making herself beg … she doesn’t want to go out yet … ». There was less left, but to Willy the minutes seemed like hours.

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At last, At 6:48 p.m. the good news arrived. María was born and both WillyRex and Cristina were finally able to look their little girl in the eye. We could not be happier. Willy is already a dad.

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