María Patiño presents ‘Socialité’ from her home because she cannot reach Telecinco because of the storm

The storm Filomena has caused Madrid to collapse, as it has prevented the transfer by roads due to the large accumulation of snow. Precisely for that reason, María Patiño has been unable to reach the Mediaset facilities and, therefore, has had to present ‘Socialité’ from home Saturday, January 9. On the set was Giovanna González, who was co-presenting with Patiño, who was on the sofa at home, very well accompanied by her dog and warm with a hat and a large sweater.

The presenter explained that she did not dare to get to Telecinco by metro because she was scared when she went out to the street because of the thick layer of snow. In fact, he has shown a video of his street, recorded by his partner, to show how the journalist could barely walk. Patiño has also shared with the viewers of ‘Socialité’ the situation in which his terrace is located, which is full of snow, at about his knees, and has confessed that he is concerned it will turn to ice and the building will be damaged by the weight.

María Patiño presents ‘Socialité’ from home because of the storm

« You have given me a lesson in professionalism, » Patiño told his team, because many of the reporters have managed to reach the Mediaset facilities. The space has become an informative program and has explained what the consequences of the storm are in Madrid. In addition, they have told how the Telecinco workers are living the situation, since many of them have had to spend the night there or have had problems getting to work in the morning. For example, Jorge Moreno has slipped and fallen in the street.

The collaborators of ‘Save me’, trapped

The program has explained that the collaborators of ‘Save me’ had many problems to get home. Mila Ximénez, Lydia Lozano, Gema López, Belén Esteban and Kiko Matamoros took several hours to get home; while Chelo García-Cortés had to spend the night in a hotel with Israel Lancho, who came to the program yesterday to reconcile with Esteban.

« Look, I’m years old, because I didn’t remember a snowfall like that in my life, » explained García-Cortés, who said he had to ask the police for help to get to the hotel, located near the Mediaset facilities. Lydia Lozano has confessed that all the collaborators had problems finding taxis because they did not have chains and that many of them shared a vehicle to get home.

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