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As we all know, and if there are any who do not know it is rare, we are currently celebrating the 35th Anniversary of Super Mario, 35 years since the Nintendo icon made its first appearance. For this anniversary, the Big N has prepared different events such as a daily raffle for 35 days on My Nintendo, the launch of Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. where we can play different titles of the mustachioed plumber, as well as the launch of Super Mario 3D All-Stars for Nintendo Switch, a compilation that is being a success that includes three 3D titles of our birthday boys.

Mario anniversary

Mario anniversary

Mario Felino is already in the eShop

Another of the titles that will come out to commemorate this 35th Anniversary of Super Mario, is Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury, a game that will be released for Nintendo Switch next February 12. As you all know, this new installment of the adventures of Mario and company is not so new, since it is a port of the title with the same name as Wii U, although with a novelty: Bowser´s Fury. Little was known about this new expansion, until a few hours ago, since finally Nintendo showed us many more details of what we are going to find in this Bowser´s Fury, and the truth is that it looks great.

It’s been a while since the eShop has a special guest running around, and that is that we could see Mario 64 in the Nintendo virtual store. And we say we could see, since to commemorate the launch of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser´s Fury is now Mario Felino the one who runs around the eShop.

Feline Mario eShop

Feline Mario eShop

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The truth is that we are looking forward to being able to play one of Mario’s funniest adventures again, and more so if it is played in company. We still do not know if they will introduce cooperative online play, something that the original version did not have. Hopefully the Big N hears our requests and implements it, as it would make the game much more fun and great.


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