Marta López explodes against the women who criticize her in networks and makes a plea: “I hope we stop judging ourselves”

Marta López has said enough. His relationship with Kiko Matamotos, which has lasted for more than two years, has continually put him in the spotlight and there are many who criticize each movement of the model.

But now she has gotten tired and has raised his voice. She has done it, precisely, on social networks, those in which she denounces that all kinds of insults are produced towards her.

And the sad thing, according to her own account, is that most of these attacks come from women. “The reality, and very sad, is that 9 out of 10 harmful comments I receive (and also my friends) are women. Something is clearly going wrong with education in society. Probably 50 years ago it was the same, I do not know, but now there is a tool of mass destruction if it is not used well, which is social networks, which have the ability to give frustrated people the possibility of spilling their hatred in a more or less anonymous, without any scruples or empathy, “he writes in his stories.

“I wish this would change, and I wish there were more women (there are, and many) who rejoice for the good of others, that they say nice things to you if they think them or that they are happy for you. Of course, I only have close people who love me and who tell me good and bad things without any hatred or frustration, “he says.

“I would like women to stop judging and crushing each other”

However, the model makes several requests of these women: “I would like women to stop judging and crushing each other. I would love that the fact of being more or less beautiful was not linked to the IQ, or ambition or the need to know or know, or the goals that can be had. I would like that what we do, what we wear and what we say is not judged, that we do not throw ourselves on the ground if we exercise more or less or if we take nude photos or with a sweater “.

Kiko Matamoros and Marta Lopez Alamo in Boadilla del Monte.

“As well I would love it if it didn’t matter who you are with, be it a man, a woman, young, old, poor or rich. That each one could be with whoever she wants, or alone, without feeling self-conscious about what other women will say that out of frustration or envy they cannot or want to do it, and instead of overcoming themselves, they try to sink others. But such a society is clearly a utopia, “López also adds.

Also, sentence with a sentence: “How sad is today’s society, and what hypocrisy there is. Some carry a flag for a cause that is not real in practice. “

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