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The fans demanded and Marvel complied. After a few days, the company dedicated to the entertainment of superheroes releases the bonus material of Baron Zemo in Falcon and the Winter Soldier – 97%, a character who has won the affection of the public with a single chapter. Through social networks, Marvel shared an extended clip with the best steps of the villain in Madripoor, generating a huge wave of positive reactions that will surely serve the series well. We all know that the people behind the MCU are experts at granting fans just what they want and this has been no exception.

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Long before the premiere of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, the return of Daniel Brühl was announced as Helmut Zemo, a character who in Captain America: Civil War – 90% were able to carry out terrorist attacks, which ended up dividing the Avengers, this in revenge for the destruction of Sokovia observed in Avengers: Age of Ultron – 75%. Zemo was locked up in a maximum security prison but years later he was released by Bucky Barnes to ask for his help in the search for the super soldiers. The villain appeared in the most recent chapter of the new Marvel series and it took a few minutes to become a complete success with the public.

In the third chapter of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Sam, Bucky, and Zemo are invited to Sharon Carter’s party at her home, who is now selling art on the black market. For a few seconds we can see Zemo dancing to the rhythm of electronic music, material that quickly turned social networks upside down with captions such as “Is this the guy who separated the Avengers?” The #ReleaseTheZemoCut or #ReleaseTheZemoDance hashtags were trending on Twitter, drawing the attention of Marvel Studios immediately.

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A few days ago, Daniel Brühl interviewed Entertainment Weekly, revealing that extra footage of Zemo dancing had been recorded but not included in the final cut of the chapter: “I was 100 percent sure they would remove it. [de la serie]I was really surprised and glad they kept it up. It was a long dance. There is more, but they only left this little moment. “The actor’s words detonated the demand of the fans to Marvel and the company was not begging. The new material shows the character performing some extra steps on the dance floor and surely we’ll see more edits about him in the future.

The new Marvel series on Disney Plus will finally be tied to the movies, something fans have always wanted but not likely due to the creative differences between Kevin Feige, former president of Marvel Studios, and Jeph loeb, former director of Marvel TV. Since Feige As Creative Director of Marvel Entertainment several months ago and took control of the television area, important changes have been carried out, such as the cancellation of other series that had the possibility of being produced. Kevin now he has very specific plans for all of his superheroes and villains.

In addition to the concluded WandaVision – 95% and Falcon and the Winter Soldieror, Marvel Studios will also present Loki, a series starring Tom Hiddleston that will hit the Disney Plus platform in mid-June. The first advances of the series show us a spectacular adventure in which the protagonist will seek to get by far from the Avengers. Although some think that the best stage of the MCU is over, it is clear that the company still has many secrets up its sleeve, adventures that will have the multiverse as the central axis. What surprises are you not expecting?

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