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After the tragic death of Chadwick Boseman, Marvel Studios has the difficult task of choosing the new Black Panther.

For a long time Marvel studios it is clear that they will not use another actor to play T’Challa in Black panther 2They also do not want to recreate it by CGI, therefore they must choose a new character to be the guardian of Wakanda.

There are several rumors circulating on the Internet about who will be the replacement for Chadwick boseman and among the candidates stand out Shuri (Letitia Wright) T’Challa’s sister, Erik killmonger (Michael B. Jordan) the villain of the first installment who would now get his moment of redemption and become a hero, although he apparently died, so they should explain well how he survived. By last, M’Baku (Winston Duke) the leader of the Jabari tribe, could be the chosen one.

But now, it seems that Marvel studios don’t want any of these three to be the new Black panther and will introduce a new character played by Regé-Jean Page. An actor who has become famous for playing Simon Basset in The Bridgertons, the great series of Netflix.

It was recently announced that the actor left the series, something that is not very rare since the character of Simon Basset only appears in the first of the books. Therefore, his participation could be terminated, although in recent interviews, he has also commented that he wants to focus on his film career with large-scale productions. That is why he has signed for The gray man, a film by the Russo brothers, who were commissioned by Marvel Studios films such as Avengers: Infinity War (2018) and Avengers: Endgame (2019). But he will also participate in the adaptation of Dungeons & Dragons.

What character could he play?

Yes Regé-Jean Page tab by Black panther 2, it is speculating that it could give life to Kasper cole. A New York City police officer who has used the identity of White tiger and Black panther during his career in Marvel comics.

Like the movie of Black panther 2 It will be released in 2022, they will probably start shooting in the next few months, this means that we will soon know the first details and especially who will be the new Black panther.

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