Mass Effect creator and Dragon Age producer leave BioWare

Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah, creator of the Mass Effect series and producer of Dragon Age, respectively, have left Bioware in the last hours. These are the most visible faces of the studio that, after leaving, leave a lot of uncertainty about your next projects, like Dragon Age 4, and the future of the studio itself.

Mark Darrah has worked at Bioware for the past twenty years and, in addition to being a producer, has served as creative leader in the Dragon Age saga. Although the hardest blow is the march, again, of Casey Hudson. which entered Bioware in 2000 and after signing the Mass Effect trilogy, left the studio in 2014 to return in 2017 as General Manager. After her new departure Laura Miele, director of studies at EA, has published a statement with which she seeks to find a new General Manager for Bioware. Hudson personally confirms that Gary McKay, director of development operations, will fill his former role on an interim basis, while Samantha Ryan, EA SVP, will continue to oversee the study.

Despite the departure of Hudson and Darrah, Bioware has confirmed that continue the development of all your projects. On the one hand, the development of Dragon Age 4, where Darrah acted as executive producer, is now carried out by Christian Dailey, head of Bioware Austin. Mathew Goldman, a veteran of the Dragon Age saga, to whom Darrah sends his full support, will continue his work as creative director.

As for Mass Effect, Mike Gamble will be dealing with the series from now on. He is a veteran Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 developer who also served as a producer on Mass Effect Andromeda. Bioware has on its hands the remastering of the main trilogy with Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, which arrives in spring 2021, and several more projects related to the saga as yet unannounced.

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