‘MasterChef Junior 8’ surprises to reveal that one of the applicants is Adriana Ugarte’s cousin

On the night of Tuesday, January 12, the eighth edition of ‘MasterChef Junior’ reached its semifinal, which started with a first test in which the seven applicants received an emotional visit from their grandparents, before whom they had the opportunity to demonstrate their culinary skills. An occasion when The program surprised viewers by revealing Nicolás’s relationship with Adriana Ugarte, since Apolonia, the grandmother of the first, was also a grandmother of the second.

Apolonia, grandmother of Adriana Ugarte, with her grandson Nicolás in ‘MasterChef Junior 8’

The little Sevillian was as excited and excited as the rest of his classmates when he was reunited with his grandmother. « Apolonia, Nicolás’s grandmother, how long has it been since you saw him? » Samantha Vallejo-Nágera wanted to know, to which the aforementioned replied that « a lot, because he lives in Seville and I in Madrid. » « I really liked that he came here to give me a great surprise, » confessed the applicant, in tears. « How could I not come? » Asked the guest, who said that she would have come to the program to see her grandson « even if they had to bring me on a stretcher. »

« Don’t tell me that, you’re perfect, » Nicolás said, after which Samantha asked Apolonía that « you are also Adriana Ugarte’s grandmother. » « Yes, and five or six more grandchildren, » replied the aforementioned. « My granddaughter gave us a very big surprise because we did not think she was going to get where the girl has arrived, » Apolonia confessed before the cameras when talking about Ugarte, given that, among other projects, his granddaughter is the star of ‘Hache’, a Netflix series that premieres its second season on February 5. « What I would also like is for this child to win the ‘MasterChef Junior’, because it would already be the height of happiness, » concluded Apolonia, proud, together with her grandson and cousin of the actress, whom she had the opportunity to guide during the cooked.

Different reactions

The revelation surprised ‘MasterChef Junior’ viewers, some of whom did not hesitate to share their astonishment or enthusiasm on social networks, while others even launched the possibility that the format was favoring Nicolás in its passage through the program. « Adriana Ugarte is the granddaughter of Nicolás’s grandmother … this smells a little strange, doesn’t it? », Raised a follower of the program, to which some others joined when pointing to the apparent « plugs » of other applicants in the program . « Nicolás, Adriana Ugarte’s cousin; Antony, chef’s son; Javier, Jordi’s ward of the devil … something else? », Shared another.

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