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Mauricio Castillo returns to the small screen after almost five years of not being on the air, to present the most commented of the day’s news in the program Las Rapiditas by Multimedios, accompanied by the renowned stand-out Marcela Lecuona, who is part of the bar night of Channel 6.

The main idea, the hosts say, is to entertain the public with the most relevant information, where they will add flavor and especially comedy to this new facet of programming.

Mauricio Castillo spoke with M2 about this new bet for open television in which he was very happy and excited to be part of a project that he hopes will be a success for the audience.

“I am happy to present what is coming. It is comforting to return in this way, because it is a good opportunity; It is open television, the space is large, here we will comment on everything that happened that day, because by the time the program is, everyone has already read the news. We will give you a sense of humor. I don’t think I do live television from Otro Rollo, which is now about 17 years old, so it will be a great challenge, ”Castillo said during the talk.

Somehow Castillo never left the media, he currently directs the program Me caigo de la risa, on Channel 5, but he knows that the way of producing new formats and reaching the public has changed, so he is ready for this new adventure .

« Social networks today are very important to know what the public thinks in real time, with Marce an incredible team was made; We think differently on many issues, that’s very good, ”Mauricio highlighted.

TV rookie

It is the first time that the stand-out Marcela Lecuona has launched into live television, so she accepts that she is nervous and very excited: “I love giving the channel a twist in every way, being with someone with all the experience like Mau , which has the old comedy, so to speak, and I inject some of the new comedy into it; in the end it is a bit of the same, it gives me a lot of emotion to learn from him and in addition to talking about topics such as sports and politics, in which I am not familiar, « she said.


The broadcast began on Monday at 9:30 p.m., in which both will present specific news with a touch of comedy.


They named it Las rapiditas because they pretend to be brief with each note in order to cover the most important of the day.


The show is part of the bar that presents the signal and that seeks an entertaining way of offering its contents.

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