Mavs knock out Bucks without Giannis Antetokounmpo – Explica .co

These Mavericks are not to be confused. The same they lose on the track of one of the worst teams in the competition, the Rockets, who beat one of the favorites from the other conference, the Bucks. And with a day of difference, which is the strangest thing. This is the NBA. The wake-up call of the previous night took effect and the team showed itself as a team against a rival who, it is true, did not have their best player, the current MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo. It was noted in how everything was managed, holding on until giving a final thrust that was to go in to kill: 36-17 in the fourth quarter, when Milwaukee had no gas left in the tank (which, in addition, must save something for tomorrow’s game against the Hornets, more important than this one). The Mavs showed that they have several steps to climb in terms of level, that they can do it and that there is room for improvement with the playoffs on their horizon.

Without Giannis in the lineup the Bucks had to survive rather than attack, they did not enjoy the infinite possibilities that a player so superior gives you and who absorbs so much from the opponent. They did well until they could, there is no more turning of the page. At times they even copied the strategy, being a luck of Hamilton with Alonso in Formula 1 in 2007. That Melli broke in and put the difference in six, because two triples in the next two actions and that’s it. That Porzingis made a strong play and was followed by a trip-shot from Luka, as a long shot from Lopez and a ball for Thanasis. Budenholzer’s were turning off the tap fast.

The meeting, very even, had an abrupt outcome. The cord was cut in the fourth quarter and the Bucks sank. The pick and shovel work carried out by the Mavericks, where not only Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis stood out but also Kleber or Richardson, was worth it and the rival was deactivated in the final minutes. There was even time for the Slovenian to calm the Latvian’s spirits with assists for his shots in the last period.

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