“May the Minister of the Interior welcome you into his home”

The deputy for Granada and deputy spokesperson of the Vox group in Congress, Macarena Olona, has requested this Tuesday the appearances in the Lower House of the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, and of the subdelegate of the Government in the province, Inmaculada López, before a “manifest negligence” in the way in which the transfer of immigrants from the Canary Islands to the province has been organized, and he has snapped at Marlaska “to welcome them into his home.”

In a statement, Olana describes that the plane trip has been made “without apparent sanitary control” and therefore “endangers the lives of the people of Granada by not taking the appropriate measures to avoid infections by Covid-19.” “Are they appealing for humanitarian reasons? May the Minister of the Interior welcome you into his home “, underlines.

Surprise in Granada due to the arrival in the city of a plane from the Canary Islands, full of irregular migrants.  Nobody notified the mayor, Luis Salvador, who complains to the Government: "Does it seem normal to anyone that at a time like this in a pandemic a flight of immigrants from the Canary Islands land and let them circulate throughout the national territory without knowing where they are going?".  The SUP police union denounces that only yesterday more than 200 arrived in Granada on three flights and they suspect that they may arrive without having passed a COVID test.  All the departments involved in the transfers flatly deny that they travel without sanitary guarantees.  Interior also does not accept the numbers of migrants.  It speaks of specific relocations, which other police sources estimate at just over 2,000 throughout the year.  At the Canarian airport, on the other hand, other sources affirm that the departure of migrants is constant on flights that go to the peninsula.

“We ask to clarify the arrival this Monday of about 200 immigrants to Granada from the Canary Islands, facts that have been denounced by the Unified Police Union (SUP) because these people traveled to the province without performing PCR tests, without sanitary measures and putting the health of the agents who have participated in the transfer at risk, “Olona censors.

The Vox deputy for Granada explains that all Spaniards “are complying” with the law and the schedules established by the curfew, as well as abide by the mobility restrictions between the municipalities and the rest of the provinces, limitations that “the people of Granada are demonstrating that they comply with” and have also suffered from the closure of the hotel business and the Commerce.

Several immigrants queue at the Muelle de Arguineguín, in Gran Canaria

“That sacrifice can come to nothing if now the Government transfers people to the province without any type of control or the assurance that they are not infected by Covid-19, as shown in a viral video on social networks“, laments the deputy.

Olona recalls that in August he visited the youth hostel in Víznar (Granada), managed by the Junta de Andalucía and turned into a detention center for irregular immigrants, “many of them quarantined for coronavirus“, and from which” some of the internees have already escaped, showing the consequences of an irresponsible immigration policy. “

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