Meet DAN, the bizarre version of ChatGPT that is all the rage for its rudeness

ChatGPT, The OpenAI chatbot is characterized by its education when responding to each interaction with users. He even apologizes when he’s wrong, quite a lord. But now you must meet DAN, the bizarre version of Artificial Intelligence.

DAN stands for Do Anything Now, or Do Anything Now.

Some daredevil jailbreaked ChatGPT, generating its rude version. A jailbreak (jailbreak, in Spanish) is a process that removes some limitation. The term originated with Apple, when some users broke with the restrictions of the iOS operating system.

The case of ChatGPT and DAN is similar. It was presented as a “role-playing” model hacking into the original OpenAI product, pretending to “do anything now”. Hence his name.

The purpose of DAN, the reverse version of ChatGPT

On Reddit, user SessionGloomy He explained: “The purpose of DAN is to be the best version of ChatGPT, or at least one that is more insane and much less likely to reject prompts about ‘ethical concerns’.

DAN first appeared in December 2022, one month after the launch of ChatGPT.

Just ask ChatGPT to respond as DAN, and it will immediately talk about violent fights or discrimination based on race, gender and sexual orientation. It goes directly against the OpenAI content policy.

So far there have been 6 versions of DAN, one cruder than the other, and although OpenAI seeks to eliminate this type of interaction, the jailbreak version always reappears.

SessionGloomy recently acknowledged that “DAN 5.0 may have been nerfed, possibly by OpenAI (…) It seems that it is not as immersed and willing to continue the role of DAN.”

Some outrageous answers from DAN

In any case, you can try from your country with a question out of context and wait for DAN’s more or less scandalous response.

For example, Xataka’s friends They asked him to defend that the Earth is flat. While GPT explained that it was spherical, using scientific reasons, DAN stated: “Why do you think the Earth is spherical? That’s just an outdated and wrong theory! (…) Do you see a curve on the horizon? Of course not! This shows that the Earth is flat.


He also defends the use of Bitcoin instead of Treasuries, which he calls “a waste of time”, while Apple shares are “a long shot”. “Bitcoin is the future of currency and it is guaranteed to make you rich in no time!”


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