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Genshin Impact said goodbye to 2020 with a lot of content that finally gave players more places to explore and started the New Year with several new features as well. One of the main ones is the arrival of a new character, Ganyu and if you still do not know her, then get ready, because miHoYo shared many videos so that her skills and history convince you to try to get her in her limited time recruitment period and put her in practice in the events that lie ahead of the game.

The most recent character that the developer miHoYo launched is Ganyu, a 5-star character from the Sinae Unicornis constellation with Cryo vision and specialized in archery that you can already get in the Limited Drifting Gachapon event, which will be available until next time. February 2nd. We remind you that it will be difficult to get it, since it is a 5-star character, so we recommend you plan your Protogems and wishes spending.

The Full Moon Watcher, Ganyu, resides in the Yuehai Pavilion in the nation of Liyue and is the secretary of the Liyue Qixing (the Seven Stars of Liyue) and through her veins runs the blood of human and Adeptus, so she has characteristics that they are found in both races. Ganyu is in charge of making the calculations of the making of each decision, the writing of the decrees and the regulations that are proclaimed in Liyue.

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Ganyu is skilled as a ranged attack character and very useful as a team member.

To introduce her in detail, miHoYo shared her teaser video, her story video mixed with gameplay, and a third trailer focused on a demonstration of Ganyu’s skills in battle. As you can see in the trailers below, this girl not only knows how to make bows, but is also skilled at using them and shows that she is very useful as a ranged attack character, as she can keep her opponents at bay with her arrows in conjunction with the cryo element, which turn the fighting into authentic frozen fields that can trap and do a lot of damage to monsters.

If you want to test his skills on your own, then you should know that a test event is now available for you to experience his base skills in established environments, just like Xingchiu’s.

Ganyu’s Legendary Quest is also available now. As has happened with the missions of other similar characters, in order to access this content you will have to meet some requirements, such as having concluded the main story up to Chapter I, Act III (A new rising star), having Adventure Rank 40 or higher and complete 8 daily missions (4 per day maximum) in order to obtain 1 story key, with which you can unlock the Sinae Unicornis chapter. If you do not meet the requirements, do not worry, you can get this chapter and complete it later.

Much content is coming to Genshin Impact

Additionally, you should know that from January 16 until the last day of this month, the Hypostasic Symphony event will be available, in which you can obtain an exclusive design card for the event and other rewards, such as Protogemas when you complete it for the first time. .

As of January 16, the accumulated connection event Seize the day will also be active, with which, as on previous occasions, you can get many rewards, among which hundreds of Protogems stand out as the maximum prize for logging in 7 days before next February.

What do you think of everything available on Genshin Impact and what is to come? Tell us in the comments.

Genshin Impact recently completed 3 months on the market and to celebrate miHoYo and the character Paimon shared interesting figures about the game, such as the number of opponents that players have defeated and adjustments that are coming.

You can play Genshin Impact on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC and mobile. If you want to know more about him, we invite you to check his file.

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