meeting with Sony, Google, EA and more to finalize it

We can officially say that Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard is a matter of state in the video game industry. Xbox’s parent company will meet with Sony, Google, Nvidia, EA and more over the yet-to-be-closed acquisition.

As a report published on the website of level upthe purchase of the franchise house like Call of Duty is at an important point and the case will soon pass into the hands of the European Commission (EC), one of the regulators investigating the transaction for 68.7 billion dollars in cash.

An MLex report (via Tweak Town) ensures that representatives of Microsoft, Sony, Activision Blizzard and these other major companies will soon meet in a closed-door hearing in Brussels, Belgium, which will define the future of the purchase.

Details about the audience

It will be this Tuesday, February 21, when the hearing is held, in which Microsoft will present its arguments to defend the existing agreement since January 2022 and will present the possible concessions to complete the acquisition.

Executives from Activision Blizzard and Sony are expected to be in attendance, including Bobby Kotick and Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, who will attend to make his case. In addition, on the Microsoft side, the presence of its president Brad Smith and Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, are expected.

Firms such as Nvidia, Electronic Arts and Valve will also have spokespersons at the meeting, as will the EC and the European Federation for Video Game Development. It is the intention of the governmental parties that the hearing result in a final verdict.

For their part, Nintendo and Google were summoned to discuss the purchase of Activision Blizzard before the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC), another regulator that has not revealed its final decision either.