Melanie Lynskey gets all the applause and praise after the premiere of the fourth episode

Melanie Lynskey became known in the entertainment industry with her role as Rose in Two and a Half Men, but a lot has happened since then and today the New Zealand actress is on everyone’s lips for shining in the most recent episode of The Last of Us.

The HBO Max series is the program of the moment for being a worthy adaptation of the acclaimed Naughty Dog video game, as its synopsis states: “Twenty years after the fall of civilization, Joel is hired to get Ellie out of an oppressive area of quarantine. What starts as a simple job will become a brutal journey in which the most important thing is to survive”.

If you have not seen the fourth episode of The Last of Us, it is important that you know that this post may contain some spoilers for the chapter.

Melanie Lynskey in ‘Please Hold My Hand’

‘Please Hold to My Hand’ was the fourth chapter of the series that premiered on February 5th and we saw Lynskey playing Kathleen, known to gamers as the leader of Los Cazadores, although in the series she is described as a “character who will be the ruthless leader of a revolutionary movement in Kansas City, Missouri.”

As a report from G.Q.the actress’s work as Kathleen goes from being seen as a merely active and functional role in The Last of Us to acting as a full human being in the HBO series.

The report adds that the men behind the show, Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann, are taking advantage of the adaptation to expand their story into dramatic territories, something that the expressive structure of a third-person action-adventure video game does not allow to explore.

Thanks to the series, secondary characters like Kathleen’s have the opportunity to shine, in her case, with the extraordinary performance of Melanie Lynskey.

The fifth episode of The Last of Us, for this week only, will premiere on Friday, February 10, since Sunday the 12th is Super Bowl LVII, the title game of professional American football in the United States. Then, the following chapters will be released again on Sundays.