Members of the El Recodo Band arrested: FALSE

Members of the El Recodo Band arrested: FALSE


Banda El Recodo

More than one was stunned when seeing the alleged arrest of two members of the Banda el Recodo. In the video, vocalists Ricardo Yocupicio and Geovanni Mondragón are seen being handcuffed by officers and were taken by state officials to official vehicles in Mazatlán, Sinaloa. Within hours of being released, the video went viral on social media. Yocupicio and Mondragón appear in the video with disheveled hair and even a decomposed attitude in the presence of officers with bulletproof vests that have the legend “Mazatlán Police” and carry long weapons.

This Wednesday Poncho Lizarraga cleared up the rumors by assuring that the arrest is false. “These images have given much to talk about and have caused a bit of concern,” Lizarraga said through a video posted on the networks about the video of his colleagues. “I want to tell you that what you are seeing is something that has been filtered and has been part of a music video that we are going to launch first, God that we are going to launch at the end of this month. Unfortunately when you hire productions there are many people involved in this and there are many people who unfortunately start recording with their cell phones and then share it. Our legal people are taking action on the matter to be able to do more than draw attention to or pull the ears of people who had the wrong to share this.

Below you can see the video of Poncho Lizarraga clarifying the rumors of the alleged arrest of the vocalists of the Banda el Recodo.

The truth is that since the video of the alleged arrest of Ricardo and Geovanni of the Banda el Recodo began to circulate, rumors also began that it could be part of the recording of a music video. “Eye: The El Recodo Band has always been clean, they have never had a scandal, they have never had a problem. It is the first time that there has been talk of a scandal in the Banda El Recodo, let’s hope it is for a video clip, something different, because yes that is the first thing they ask for and under contract: ‘here you cannot come to make scandals’ ”Said the journalist María Valdés Doria.

Poncho Lizarraga announced on his social networks that next Thursday 21 o’clock at 10:45 central time in Mexico do not miss the premiere of our new video Voy Pa ‘Arriba y Con Viada on our official channel of El Recodo Oficial.

Also the Banda El Recodo de Cruz Lizárraga published on his Instagram account the photograph of Geovanni Mondragón, who appears very well dressed with one of his characteristic costumes and smiling.

The Banda El Recodo de Cruz Lizárraga was founded in 1981 and is considered one of the pioneers in its musical genre.

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