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Batet calls for an inclusive reading of the Constitution without partisan uses

Madrid, Dec 6 (EFE) .- The president of Congress, Meritxell Batet, has demanded this Sunday an “inclusive” reading of the Constitution that does not seek to appropriate it by turning it into a “party flag and patrimony.” In his speech on the anniversary act of the Magna Carta, Batet once again appealed to the dialogue of political forces and stressed that democracy and the Constitution “require accepting the other.” That is why he has warned of the “dire consequences of considering the political adversary an enemy” and of “denying him legitimacy” or assuming “a constant and unconditional confrontation.” He has stressed that the search for consensus to respond to the problems of citizenship is the task of politics. “A task opposed to the generalized confrontation between irreconcilable options, to the disqualification of the opponent, to the permanent refusal to find points of agreement.” He added that the parties “do not exist only as instruments of the electoral struggle”, but are also “tools of institutional action to favor plural dialogue and agreement.” Along these lines, Batet recalled the work of the reconstruction commission and asked for political will to make these agreements come to fruition. The president of Congress also recalled that in Spain for a long time they have known “the dire consequences of considering the political adversary an enemy, of denying him legitimacy, of assuming a constant and unconditional confrontation.” “The object of the democratic political debate is not to eliminate the contrary, but to integrate it and transform its positions,” said Batet, who has expressed his wish that one day all of us as a society be able to celebrate together that “in the common heritage of all citizens will find the victory of democracy over terror. ” Batet has given as an example the agreement within the European Union to promote a reconstruction plan in the face of the pandemic, a situation that creates a “spur to seek equally difficult and satisfactory agreements between our parliamentary forces and between the different territorial entities of our country. country”. And at the end of his speech he quoted Ortega y Gasset to point out that “Spain needs all the collaborations, the greatest and the smallest, because it needs – whether you want it or not – to do things well, and for that we are all few”. Batet has remembered the victims of the pandemic and those who have suffered its economic and social devastation. “To all of them I once again convey my condolences and my feelings for everything they suffered,” he said. He has also had words of appreciation to the health workers and the groups that have worked so hard these months -represented in this act-. “Thank you all for so many days of work, thank you for going beyond what professionalism requires, for the company and words of comfort, for the clenched hands and the caresses distributed, for having done everything possible to comfort the that we have had the disease close. Thank you for all your efforts, “he told the health workers. He stressed that despite the restrictions, this act should be held because “it expresses our shared will to resist the crisis and to continue in the exercise of our rights, functions and activities.” (c) EFE Agency

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