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Garland, a judge on the Court of Appeals, is recognized as a moderate liberal and is not aligned with any political party.

However, Republican senators in 2016 blocked then-President Barack Obama’s request to nominate him to the Supreme Court, allowing President Donald Trump to appoint a conservative magistrate to fill the vacancy the following year.

The argument at the time, ironically, was very similar to the one the Democrats had in 2020 to reject the appointment of conservative Judge Amy Coney Barret: the nomination was very close to the November elections, so it should be the winner of the elections who chose who would fill the vacancy.

Garland and other key Justice Department officials will be introduced by Biden on Thursday, the president-elect’s transition team said in a note.

IN PHOTOS: Washington lives a day of chaos due to the capture of the Capitol

Without precedents

Thousands of supporters of Donald Trump stormed the Capitol, the seat of the United States Congress, during the session to certify the victory of Donald Trump.

PHOTO: . / Leah Millis

The beggining

Hours before the start of the session, thousands of supporters of the outgoing president turned out for a rally in Washington.

PHOTO: . / Brendan Smialowski

Against Trump

In a challenge to Donald Trump, Vice President Pence said he did not have the power to reverse the election results and that he would repeat the constitution.

PHOTO: . / Erin Schaff

The protagonist of the session

Vice President Mike Pence is in charge of certifying the election of Joe Biden. Here, she appears with the Democratic Majority Leader of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.

PHOTO: . / Erin Schaff

Incited by Trump

Supporters of the president began to raise the tone of their protests.

PHOTO: . / Brendan Smialowski

Fraudulent elections

Like the president, the protesters claim that the election was stolen from the president, although there is no evidence of electoral fraud.

PHOTO: . / Oliver Douliery

Confronted by the police

The president’s supporters clashed with the Washington police, who were overwhelmed.

PHOTO: . / Oliver Douliery

In Congress

Trump supporters managed to tear down the Capitol fences and enter the compound.

PHOTO: . / Roberto Schmidt

Inside the capitol

The agitators, prompted by the president, entered the capitol. The legislators were evacuated.

PHOTO: . / Saul Loeb

Our congress

“Now it is our congress,” an anonymous protester told ..

PHOTO: . / Saul Loeb


The mayor of Washington declared a curfew that began at 6:00 pm and will end at 6:00 am on Thursday.

PHOTO: . / Leah Millis

The nominees reflect their “deep commitment to reaffirming the Department of Justice as a pillar of independence and integrity, and ensuring that the attorney general and his senior leadership team are the attorneys for the American people, not the president’s law firm,” he said. Biden’s team in a statement.

“These leaders, all of whom are veterans of the Department of Justice, will renew Americans’ faith in the rule of law and work tirelessly to build a more equitable justice system,” he added.

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