Meta comes to his senses and returns the Messenger inbox to the Facebook app

Perhaps many do not remember it or did not even experience it. But at the beginning of time in the history of smartphones, when the first mobile apps appeared, the application of Facebook It was very complete, to the point that it integrated the Messenger inbox within it.

Then the company, now called Meta, for some reason, ended up fragmenting both functions, so now users had to download two applications to do exactly the same function: one for the social network and one for instant messaging.

This situation was harshly criticized for years and at the time that Facebook was more relevant, many clamored for a change where everything would return to normal, but it never happened. Until now.

And it is that we woke up today with the news that Meta has finally decided to return the Messenger inbox, or inbox, within the Facebook app, apparently condemning the fate of the app that we had been carrying as ballast for years. .

Something that perhaps will calm many after seeing some of his other changes announced, such as that decision to imitate Elon Musk and start charging for verifying official accounts to earn a few extra dollars.

Facebook recovers your Messenger inbox in the app

The company itself announced this important change through his official blog, in a publication that shares projects and news on the door with the apparent intention of assuring its community that this social network is alive and having a good time.

In the statement, Facebook states that it is currently testing a feature that will allow users to directly access their Messenger inbox (or Inbox) within the social network application itself.

That’s the good news, the bad news is that he didn’t announce when he’ll finally make the change. Although there are already screenshots circulating from a long time ago, when everything was a rumor, that show us what the interface would look like:

Messenger ceased to be part of Facebook in 2014, when Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg apparently separated Messenger from its own parent app under the idea that it would mean a “better experience” for the community.

That, as we have seen over nearly a decade, never happened. So for now the beta tests of the application are already running.