Meta will work on an Artificial Intelligence “to create people”

mark zuckerberg seems to be looking for a change of direction Goal. When all the rumors point to the end of the Metaverse, Zuck launches a new plan based on Artificial Intelligence. He even says that it will serve “to create people.”

But let’s not worry.

Under the name of AI-personas (this is how it was launched, in Spanish), they are tools based on automatic and deep learning, “designed to help users in various ways”, in the words of the head of Meta.

“We are creating a new high-end product group in Meta focused on Generative AI to power our work in this area,” Zuckerberg said. on Facebook.

“We have a lot of fundamental work to do before we get to the truly futuristic experiences, but I’m excited about all the new things we’ll build along the way,” he added.

This will be Meta’s approach to AI, according to Mark Zuckerberg

Meta’s new AI team will be led by Ahmad Al-Dahle, the company’s vice president of AI and Machine Learning. He previously worked at Apple for 16 years.

“In the short term,” Zuckerberg says, “we will focus on building creative and expressive tools. In the longer term, we will focus on developing AI characters that can help people in various ways.”

“We are exploring experiences with text (like chat on WhatsApp and Messenger), with images (like Instagram creative filters and ad formats), and with video and multimodal experiences.”

Goal, step by step towards Generative Artificial Intelligence

The changes will first be implemented in Australia and New Zealand.  (AP)

Meta is following the path of Microsoft and Google on the subject of Artificial Intelligence in its products, although the caution with which it works differentiates it.

There is no rushed launch, no problems like Microsoft has suffered with “rogue AI”. Zuckerberg wants to go step by step.

In accordance with the specialized portal Axios, The new changes at Zuckerberg’s company “are aimed at ensuring that the language and image models that researchers have been creating show up more quickly on products like Instagram and Facebook.”

Soon we should know more news about the AI-people plan and other Artificial Intelligence tools from Meta.

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