Metallica cover for the deaf created

What you are seeing is a cover of one of the most iconic songs of the rock band Metallica, Enter Sandman, but unlike many covers that abound, this one was made with the participation of Paul raci, actor and musician who also has a rock band for the deaf that uses sign language: Hands of Doom.

This cover was also possible thanks to Prime Video premiered Sound of metal, movie starring Riz Ahmed that portrays the life of a rock drummer who loses his hearing and must adapt to a life without sound.

The cover of Metallica for the deaf can be found on the drummer’s YouTube channel Elise Trouw, with the help of Travis Barker and the presence of Paul Raci -who also appears in Sound of Metal-.

For his part, the director of the film, Darius marder, thanked Lars Ulrich and other members of Metallica for their support in making the Enter Sandman cover possible.

Delighted with the love that Lars Ulrich and Metallica have! Lars watched Sound of Metal and offered to help with whatever, not knowing that Riz Ahmed’s performance was influenced by him. I asked him if we could cover Enter Sandman with sign language and Paul Raci. And he said yes! Much love to Lars!

You can already see Sound of Metal on Prime Video and here a video of Paul Raci’s band House of doom


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