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Lines 4, 5 and 6 of the Metro work blindly and without communication between trains after the fire in a substation that burned the intercom system, so those responsible have had to use WhatsApp or Messenger on their own phones to communicate with the drivers.

These lines, which have had to improvise their operation to relieve the demand for transportation not only in the capital of the country but throughout the Valley of Mexico, work in conditions far from normal and the workers warn of the danger that is run.

To avoid setbacks, the workers of the Meter, installed on makeshift tables instead of control boards, seek to communicate to know the location of the trains along the route and must stop them almost at each of the stations, which slows down the advance of the trains that they serve the routes that run from Martín Carrera to Santa Anita; from Politécnico to Pantitlán, and from El Rosario to Martín Carrera.

“We are working to totally blindWe do not have communication, we have the radio of the Tetra team, which does not work properly, in fact nothing works; we are communicating through WhatsApp, on our phones, with the situation that the colleagues in line 6 do not want to activate their data to be able to communicate with us, so we do not know the real location of the trains « .

« Only the Terminal Inspector The rosary is the one who has kindly been trying to communicate with us by this means, to inform us which train is the only one that is arriving and based on that we have the distribution of the trains, from there on out we are totally blind, « said a responsible worker monitoring of line 6 « .

After taking a tour of the board of line 8 of the Metro that runs from Garibaldi to Constitución de 1917 – and which is not among those affected by the explosion last Saturday – a worker greets the person in charge of the operation and ask how their communications are.

“I have problems with direct communication with Barranca del Muerto, It gives me tone, but there the deck does not ring, there is no communication ”, says the worker sitting in front of the board, taking an old earphone with a spiral cable coming out of said board.

The worker who records it then asks her how she communicates with the terminal: “I have been communicating through my social networks, either WhatsApp or Messenger, the failure was passed (reported), it is number 72, at 07:28 today (Wednesday, January 13). The rest is normal, but it is very dangerous that we do not have communication with Barranca del Muerto, with any of the terminals ”.

At the desk on line 4 that runs from Santa Anita to Martín Carrera, the person in charge who works at a plastic table where he has a long piece of paper of approximately 1.5 meters with the outline of the line, cannot even answer his partner who records it and on his cell phone he has a conversation with someone whom he asks: « At what time did he leave more or less, because he is well hung up and the Tetra does not answer me? »

The Metro worker who records the scene explains that her colleague “has to communicate by cell phone for private use because the phone Tetra is deficient ”, then he remains silent to allow his colleague in charge of monitoring that Line to listen.

« No, it came out well hung, I have stopped the few trains that I have, I have stopped them, » he says to the telephone that he holds with his right hand, while receiving a message from a train operator in the system of radio tetra, which he holds with his left hand and orders: « zero, four, don’t go forward until I tell you, please. »

The man lowers his left hand and addresses his interlocutor to the cell phone that he holds in his right hand and asks: « You have three there in the terminal, right? » and drop the radio tetra to move a piece of paper to the next station drawn on his makeshift map, « hey, I was going to tell you to stop, I’m not stopping him at Talisman anymore, he is going, thanks Leo » and ends the call to continue communication through Tetra.

« With the train number that is communicated please » – zero, three, sir, they answer you – « Zero, three, please stop the march on Talisman, I will tell you until you advance please, I appreciate it » -Entered- and then try to communicate with train 07, when he answers, he tells him: « tell me your location, Tere, because I don’t know where they are, » she informs him that she is arriving at the Morelos station and the person in charge of the improvised board emergency, move a paper to that station on your map.

And then he tells him that they will speed up the journey to the train, because « they are a long time, but a long delay » and tells them the route radio tetra that trains 05, 04 and 06 can continue their march.

At the end of this episode, you can reply to your partner who records it that “we have communication problems with the terminal Martin CarreraThere is no communication, Martín Carrera’s Tetra is not working, we have problems from Talismán to Martín Carrera and from Fray Servando to Santa Anita, communication is lost a lot. We are talking via cell phone with the inspectors at the Martín Carrera terminal, this is my cell phone ”, the video ends.


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