Mexican immigrant manages to outwit his captors at a safe house in Houston, Texas, to ask for ransom from the authorities – Explica .co

File image of a smuggler transporting immigrants down the Rio Grande.

Photo: Joe Raedle / Getty Images

A Mexican immigrant and six other men were rescued by the authorities in Houston, Texas, after the woman alerted the authorities that they were being held in a safe house.

The woman, detained by the traffickers, was able to call the police to indicate where they were.

The group was being threatened by the captors, according to the female, although the nature of the threats is unknown.

“If they see something, report it. Because many times we have found people who, unfortunately, are not well … So if they hear something or know of something, report it, ”an official from the Houston Police Department said through Telemundo.

Images from the chain show when agents from that department arrest several people, although it is not clear if it was the coyotes or just the immigrants.

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