Mexican streamer makes Dragon Ball fans fall in love with an impressive Milk cosplay

Although Milk is known in Dragon Ball for being Goku’s wife, she is much more than that in the manga – anime created by Akira Toriyama and is more popular in the fandom than many other followers think.

Mother of Gohan and Goten, daughter of the Ox King, princess of the mountain of fire and a dangerous fighter, she is also known as Chi-Chi in Japan but preferably called Milk in Latin America.

Despite being a princess, she received hard and strict training from her father for many years, thus managing to develop strength, speed and agility superior to earthlings.

An example of his strength was the fact that he cut off the head of a dinosaur by throwing a blade hard and accurately at it. However, by marrying, he put aside the fighting

Milk married Goku when she was 17 years old and a year later she brought Gohan into the world. After Sen’s death in the Cell tournament, she gave birth to Goten. Since then, she has inspired many fans to dress up as her.

Milk’s shocking cosplay

According to a report published on the website of Geekmi Newsthe mexican streamer nadyasonikawith more than 300 thousand followers on Instagram, made this impressive cosplay of Goku’s love,

“Chi-Chi the princess of the mountain of fire. What other Dragon Ball characters would you like me to do? ”, The cosplayer wrote in the post, asking her fans what other Dragon Ball cosplay they would like her to do.

As we can see, Nadyasonika wears the same outfit that Milk used in many moments of the manga and anime, such as the 23rd Martian Arts Tournament, a well-remembered section of the program. Also, she wears the same look and hairstyle as Goku’s wife with her distinguished bangs.