Mexico is among the 25 countries that spy on their citizens

A study by the University of Toronto revealed the espionage practices of 25 governments around the world towards their citizens

| 03/12/2020 | ionicons-v5-c17: 17 | Patricia Agüero |

Toronto.- A new scandal of espionage has come to light, which reveals that different governments spy on the cellphones his citizens.

This information is part of a study of the University of Toronto (Canada) who is alerting the population that different governments made use of the surveillance company Circles to carry out these espionages.

The aforementioned company provided governments with a special ‘software’ which was implemented in the cellphones.

According to the report from the University of Toronto, the company Circles served nations of Latin America as: Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, The Savior, Ecuador, Peru Y Chile.

Institutions such as the National Research and Intelligence Directorate of Honduras and the Intelligence offices of Peru, were mentioned in the report.

But also on the other side of the world they provided their services as: Denmark, Belgium, Serbia, Estonia; Morocco, Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria, Botswana, Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Estonia; Israel, Arab Emirates, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia.


The study indicates that apparently the program espionage it was used by the Secretary of the Navy, since many investigated IP addresses « return valid TLS certificates for ». They also pointed out to the government of the state of Durango,

For his part, political analyst Javier Martínez opined that « governments should have very few ethical dilemmas » when employing these practices. « That passion to control all citizensIt is the worst totalitarian attack, more than the totalitarianisms of the 19th or 20th centuries « .

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