Miami : 100 days of protests with no signs that they will subside soon – .

PORTLAND, Oregon – Security forces in Portland declared an illegal congregation was taking place on Friday after protesters marched through the streets to a police building that was surrounded by officers.

A few hundred protesters had gathered in Kenton Park before reaching the Portland Police Association building where police warned people to stay off the street and off private property. Those who refuse could be subject to fines, arrests and the use of tear gas, crowd control officers or impact ammunition, according to police.

Around midnight, the police charged down the street, expelling protesters, shooting down people and detaining those who, they said, were not following orders. Some people were reduced to the ground during their detention, and blood stains were left on the pavement.

The Portland demonstrations, which began in late May after police officers killed George Floyd in Minneapolis, marked 100 days of protests this weekend, marked by vandalism and violence.

The death of a conservative supporter of Donald Trump, Aaron “Jay” Danielson, shot last weekend after arriving in the city with a caravan of trucks organized by Trump supporters, has added to the tension in a city with a progressive majority.

The main suspect in Danielson’s death, Michael Forest Reinoehl, who described himself as an anti-fascist but not a member of Antifa, was shot and killed Thursday by security forces.

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After Floyd’s death there were riots for several nights, which were centered in a federal court. That prompted the president to send federal agencies to protect the building in July.

The presence of agents was intended to stop the demonstrations, but instead reinforced the Black Lives Matter movement.

Federal forces began to withdraw on July 31 under an agreement between the Department of Homeland Security and Democratic Gov. Kate Brown. But given the continuation and increase of the protests, the federal authorities have once again said that they could increase their presence in the city.