Miami : A girl and a man injured after shooting in the Opa-Locka neighborhood – .

An eight-year-old girl and an adult woke up Thursday at the Jackson Memorial after being victims of a shooting in an Opa-Locka neighborhood.

At this time there is no detailed report on the name of the victims, although according to the authorities, their health is stable.

After 10 p.m. Wednesday, a phone call alerted officers to a shooting at the Glorieta Gardens apartments in Opa-Locka, near the intersection of Northwest 135th Street and 32nd Avenue.

According to Opalocka Police spokeswoman Nakeya Jenkins, there were multiple shots fired from outside the parking lot, an adult man and a girl were injured and they were immediately rushed to Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Last night the authorities reported on the possibility that a high-powered rifle was used and that there was allegedly more than one shooter.

The girl was inside her apartment, where she was hit by a bullet, while the other victim was on her second-floor balcony.

After cordoning off the area, investigators spoke with residents of the apartment complex and are looking for information that leads them to put the suspects behind bars.

Nakeya Jenkins, a spokesman for the Opalocka Police, explained how the events happened. “Basically we received an emergency call that warned about someone who fired from a vehicle in the roundabout of the apartments, when we arrived we noticed that there was an eight-year-old girl who was grazed by a bullet and an adult man who was also injured by gunshots. We believe it could have been more than one shooter. Very unfortunate that something like this happens. We have an innocent, injured girl who should go to class on Thursday and today she is in a hospital, we need to stop this, it is happening too often ”.

For any information on this case, remember to call the Miami-Dade Police Stop Crime Line (305) 471-8477