Miami : Biden promises TPS for Venezuelans and changes in policy towards Cuba – .

The Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, participated in an interview with NBC6, Telemundo 51’s sister network, in which he spoke of Venezuela and Cuba and part of what would be his policy towards these two countries, with a large community in the south of Florida.

Regarding Venezuela, he pointed out that President Donald Trump’s policy has been failed and that it has served to consolidate the regime of Nicolás Maduro. He also announced that in his eventual government a Temporary Protected Status (TPS) would be approved for Venezuelans in the United States.

Regarding Cuba, he pointed out that he would change the policy implemented by Trump towards the island. He said he would support the Cuban people and work to empower them so that they can choose their future for themselves. Similarly, he criticized the treatment that the current administration has given Cuban Americans and said, among other measures, that it would allow remittances to be sent to the island.

Recently an opinion study revealed that 7 out of 10 Venezuelans with the right to vote would vote for the current president, according to a survey by the Public Opinion Research Laboratory of the University of North Florida (UNF) for El Diario.

According to the study published by the Hispanic media, the number of Venezuelans registered to vote (approximately 50,000) is lower than other Latino communities such as the Cuban (650,000), the Colombian or the Haitian, but its incidence is important due to the parity of the Florida elections and the relevance that the Venezuelan issue has in foreign policy towards Latin America.

As of last June, Florida had 13.8 million registered voters, 5.1 million Democrats, 4.9 million Republicans and 3.6 million independents.

The full interview with Biden, in which the Latin American issue and other aspects of his proposals and campaign were addressed, will be broadcast this Sunday.