Miami : Body of a woman found on the side of I-95 –

According to highway patrol in Florida, in the morning, at approximately 830 a man discovered, on the edge of I95 in the southern direction, the body of a lifeless woman. The man had stopped at the edge of the highway, disagreeing with the authorities, because his car had broken down. This occurred at mile 127 between the Okeechobee midway rd exits and in St Lucie County.

The man immediately called the authorities and it was highway patrol who arrived on the scene first. These notified the St Lucie County Sheriff’s Office. Detectives immediately began investigating the scene, covered the body with a tent, and it was after 12 noon that the coroner removed him from the scene.

One of the southbound lanes was closed for hours and it was at 11pm that they reopened it.

The St Lucie County Sheriff’s Office is in charge of this investigation where they have not yet indicated how this woman died. They assure that they are in the process of notifying relatives.

So far, authorities have not identified the woman who was found dead.