Miami : Businesses reinvent themselves with distance learning – .

With the pandemic and the virtual return to school, some children’s activity businesses have had to reinvent themselves. They have formed what they call “learning pods”. An alternative to group learning under the supervision of an adult.

The owners of these businesses say that parents asked them to stay open during the pandemic and to please continue their learning program with the back to school.

A dance class is part of a summer camp with strict security measures.

And a plastic that divides the tables for lunch. The director of the “all access” dance studio in South West Miami says the restrictions have worked.

Now with the return to school, Barbara says that the parents asked her to continue with the dance and include small group online learning. What they now call “learning pod” s.

Before the pandemic, the Gecko Park indoor recreation park in Weston was a thriving business, but today, almost empty, they are preparing some spaces to start a distance learning program. Some parents have created their own learning groups.