Miami : California orders blackouts due to heat wave – .

California ordered rolling blackouts on Friday for the first time since 2011 amid a fierce heat wave that is straining its power grid.

The Independent California System Operator (ISO) declared a Statewide Stage 3 emergency shortly after 6:30 pm due to high electricity use in extreme heat conditions.

The agency said the heat is boosting electricity use and putting pressure on the power grid, so rotating power outages are being requested to keep the grid stable.

According to a statement from the power company PG&E, ISO ordered that the power of between 200,000 and 250,000 customers be turned off at a time in rotating power outages, this is due to the demand for electricity from the extreme heat.

Other power companies in the state have been ordered to take similar action.

Due to the emergency, PG&E will not be able to notify customers in advance of power outages, which could occur anywhere within PG & E’s service area.

The measure comes as temperatures in California exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit and many homes turn their air conditioning on full blast.

As temperatures rise, your chances of suffering from heatstroke increase.