Miami : Coastal residents prepare for Isaías –

In broward

Dale Holness, Mayor of Broward, says, “Hurricane Isaias is now category one. Broward County could be hit by strong winds, and we are now under storm watch, preparing ourselves. ”

Residents have accumulated supplies and water for the next three days. Some have put shutters. The flood prevention pump systems have been tested and are ready, as are the drains.

Fernando Rodríguez, director of the Public Services Department of Dania Beach, assures that “It is a very aggressive program to clean all the drains. It’s like a truck that has negative pressure like a vacuum cleaner, and that vacuum cleaner took the water and the debris down there. ”

Businesses in Hollywood Beach still enjoy an apparent normality, but they are ready for the hurricane.

Authorities have called for the rubble to be removed and the furniture secured in patios and balconies.

“We have collected enough debris and so they do not become projectiles, because if a tropical storm comes at 60 miles per hour, those pieces of wood fly out,” says Rodríguez.

Palm beach

Mud filled waters and sediments are being cleaned at the 8 pumping stations in Wellington.

The city is using machinery to remove debris, vegetation and algae as Storm Isaias threatens Palm Beach County.

Terry Narrow, Wellington’s Superintendent of Surface Water says that “if the storm does come towards us everything will be clean and ready to be pumped this helps the water to get through the screen and so it doesn’t cover up preventing the water from passing through.”

Meanwhile, people in the county are taking this storm in different ways.

The Palm Beach County Emergency Operations Center is on high alert as a hurricane warning has been issued for the county and the Treasure Coast.

Jon VanArman, Vice County Administrator says, “The message is that this is still a severe storm. We hope it stays away from the coast but we need people to be prepared. We are already prepared and have been monitoring this storm for the last few days and we are in direct communication with all our local and state partners ”

The Martin County emergency operations center is also fully activated monitoring the storm with between 12 and 20 people.