Miami : Curfew in different cities in Florida to stop the increase in COVID-19 –

A drastic but necessary measure, in Miami Beach from eight o’clock on Saturday night all restaurants, cafes and food services will have to close, only those that offer pick-up services will be able to keep their kitchens open.

“Citizen disobedience” two words that summarize the possible cause of the increase in COVID-19 cases and that forced the return of restrictive measures in different cities in Florida.

“There is a lot of disrespect, 10 and 20 people enter the bathroom together, it is for them to put fines so that you can see how everyone controls themselves,” says María Rosete, a Miami Beach resident.

For his part, David Hernández, another Miami Beach resident, urges everyone: “I call on you to respect yourself, to respect others, to keep your distance from wearing masks and to wash your hands.”

In Miami Beach, the curfew will be a reality in the entertainment area starting at eight o’clock on Saturday night.

Ernesto Rodríguez, spokesman for the Miami Beach police, specifies the places that are under curfew since 8 at night. “That area refers to Collins Avenue, Washington Avenue and the famous Ocean Dr, the rest of the city begins its curfew at ten at night.”

In contrast, in Broward County, the curfew began at 11 p.m. Friday, after a balance of two people killed and two wounded during a private party became the catalyst that took the authorities’ patience.

“We have never said that this will be enough, now we will take prudent steps to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus,” said Dale Holness, Mayor of Broward.

Meanwhile in the city of Miami, Mayor Francis Suárez made it clear that there will be no order to stay home, but everything can change on Monday if the cases of COVID-19 infections increase.

As night falls in Miami Beach, more officers will be observed, not just from the city but from Miami-Dade County, who will strictly enforce the curfew. Authorities warn to stay home if you don’t have to go out of necessity.