Miami : Dramatic rescue of boy and mother caught on camera on Miami channel –

New images from the police body camera show Miami-Dade officers rescuing a 4-year-old boy from a canal.

Images released Monday show officers responding to calls from multiple people reporting that a woman and a child were drowning in a canal in the early morning hours of July 10.

Miami-Dade police said officers who responded to the call had been told that a 4-year-old boy had jumped into the water to try to save his mother.

The event was recorded on July 10 (Miami-Dade Police)

Officers found the child and mother in the canal, and one officer stood on the canal embankment while another held his belt and legs so he could reach the mother and child.

Authorities said officers tried to rescue the boy, but the mother, who appeared drunk, refused to obey and walked away from the officers.

Police body camera footage shows officers repeatedly pleading with the woman to hand over the child to them.

At one point, with the child in her arms, the mother momentarily disappeared into the cloudy water, authorities said.

One of the officers was finally able to grab the boy by the arms and bring him to safety.

Another officer threw a life buoy into the water and was able to get the mother to safety.