Miami : Eusebio Leal historian of the city of Havana dies –

Cuban official media announced on Friday the death of Eusebio Leal Spengler, historian of the city of Havana, who served as director of the restoration program of Old Havana and its historic center for the past few years.

The health of someone who was one of the main defenders of the restoration of the Cuban capital had deteriorated in recent times, something that is confirmed by death due to “a painful illness,” according to the official newspaper Granma, in a concise note published this Friday morning on its website.

“In the next few hours our people will be informed about the organization of funerals,” Granma added in his letter. While on intellectual social networks inside and outside the island they regret the departure of someone who was forever a figure dedicated to defending the agenda of the Cuban regime.

The historian’s health deteriorated visibly in recent years due to suffering from a strong diabetes that caused him to experience several relapses and frequent hospitalizations, which on more than one occasion unleashed the rumor of his death.

The fluid verb and the overabundance of adjectives in seminars and conferences characterized the discourse of someone who would have been attached to the regime from his youth, making it easy for him to climb the Cuban political-cultural sphere at a very young age.

This coupled with his studies in philosophy, history and archeology very quickly earned him several positions of importance in organizations that brought together the best of the intelligentsia of recent decades.

For several years Eusebio Leal served as director of the Office of the Historian of Havana and maximum figure of the Museum of the City where he played an essential role for his effort to preserve and preserve the architectural values ​​of the Cuban capital, which led him to be recognized also off the island.