Miami : Event in honor of health workers held – . (51)

Miami :

A new initiative will be supporting our healthcare and frontline workers who have been on the battlefield during this COVID-19 pandemic.

This help is especially for healthcare workers, doctors, nurses and paramedics who have risked their lives to protect and care for coronavirus patients.

State finance advisor Jimmy Patronis and his team of doctors and legislators presented a legal representation plan to protect all Florida workers and their patients who continue to fight the COVID-19 pandemic or possibly face legal action.

The initiative and tour “Supporting our health care hereos covid-19 liability tour” will offer resources for essential employees, who will be able to have a lawyer available and thus avoid lawsuits and scams against them. In addition to assistance in educating them about their civil rights and also protecting their families.

Marcos Carrasco, president of the Florida health care association assures that “there are several cases of lawsuits that we have received and if they continue to arrive, they may close our buildings, hospitals and premises. So this is a help for our employees ”.

Representatives, state and local legislators hope to present a bill to Gov. Ron DeSantis so that upon approval they can receive funds and more resources to offer help to frontline workers.

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