Miami : FDA approves plasma for treatment against COVID-19 – .

Those who have recovered from Covid-19 have antibodies in their plasma that could help other patients. But how effective is it? Could it prevent the death of a person? We consulted with the epidemiologist doctor Dadilia Garcés, and this was the explanation she gave us.

“This is not a definitive cure for Covid-19. But it helps to reduce hospitalization time and reduce complications ”.

Although the evidence is not conclusive yet on the effectiveness of the use of plasma to treat patients with coronavirus, the scientific community recognizes that it could be useful in certain cases.

“The function of the Covid-19 plasma is that it is going to give the immune system a boost to act faster and work as a team. If you don’t have those defenses that were created by Covid-19, nothing will be done ”.

The issue regains steam after President Trump said he was frustrated by the slowness in the approval of treatments and announced an emergency authorization for the use of Covid-19 convalescent plasma.

“Plasma was used 100 years ago when the Spanish flu occurred in the world, in respiratory diseases and in other diseases. We are not reinventing the wheel, we are making it roll and we need it to roll ”.

And what are the conditions that a person must meet to be an eligible donor?

“The conditions to donate it are people who have suffered it and have it confirmed by laboratory. That they have completed their 14-day quarantine and that they do not have a fever, respiratory distress, cough or turn blue ”.

Finding volunteers is an obstacle that doctors and researchers still face. At the moment there is no specific date for the long-awaited vaccine, which is why the drive for alternative treatments is gaining strength and hope in the community.

There is another FDA approved plasma treatment, which has nothing to do with the President’s emergency clearance. In that case you still need more clinical trials and tests to determine if it is effective, safe and efficient.