Miami : Florida bars may open from Monday – .

Florida bars may reopen at 50% capacity across the state starting Monday, the Department of Business and Professional Regulation said Thursday night.

Earlier in the day, Gov. Ron DeSantis said state colleges could expect a decision “very soon,” again emphasizing how he wants “all businesses” to get back up and running.

DeSantis talked about how he no longer sees much reason to keep them closed as long as customers are safe. She pointed out how many bars have already opened anyway, because they got permits to start serving food.

Halsey Beshears, director of the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, announced the decision Thursday night.

The governor said that “we saw some outbreaks related to bars in Florida, but my feeling is that that behavior probably would have been happening in private residences if they had not been there in the bars.”

DeSantis also said there could be an announcement about easing restrictions for restaurants.

DeSantis’s comments came during a panel discussion at a Fort Myers steakhouse.

He said the idea that restaurants were a “big driver” of new infections was not “borne out by the evidence.”