Miami : Florida man fights alligator to rescue dog – NBC Miami (51)

A Florida man was caught on video committing a heroic and dangerous act: struggling with an alligator in a lake to rescue his cub.

Richard Wilbanks of Estero was enjoying an afternoon in his backyard with his new dog, Gunner, when an alligator appeared out of nowhere and caught the pet in its jaw, according to local media.

“Instincts just took over. The adrenaline kicked in and I went straight into the water after the alligator and Gunner, ”Wilbanks told NBC 2.

The whole incident was captured by a camera of the fStop foundation, a non-profit organization that seeks, with one of its projects, to help create awareness about the importance of sharing our landscapes and growing with wildlife.

William Freund, president of the organization, told NBC News that the man is part of a group of homeowners who are participating in the “Sharing the Landscape” project.

“These cameras are generating content that shows the variety of wildlife that coexists with them and they are giving us an incredible insight into the everyday life of these animals and how, if we allow it, they are able to easily live around us,” he added .

It happened on the Waccamaw River, North Carolina. The man, Peter Joyce, said he was not injured but was shocked.