Miami : Florida surpasses the mark of 10,000 deaths from coronavirus – .

Coronavirus cases in Florida reached 584,047 on Wednesday after 4,115 new positives and 174 additional deaths were reported, bringing the state’s total deaths above the 10,000 mark, the Health Department reported.

In total, the results of 67,822 tests were reported with a positivity rate of 7.08%, the seventh consecutive day that it remains below the goal of 10 percent.

In the last week, 33,155 new cases have been reported: 4,115 on Wednesday, 3,838 on Tuesday, 2,687 on Monday, 3,779 on Sunday, 6,352 on Saturday, 6,148 on Friday and 6,236 on Thursday. The average number of positives to COVID-19 for the last week is 4,736 per day.

Miami-Dade now has 148,093 cases and Broward 67,534. The two counties have the highest number of infected people in the state, where 9,932 residents have already died from COVID-19. Another 135 nonresident people in the state have died in Florida, bringing the total deaths to 10,106.

In Miami-Dade alone, 2,166 people have died from COVID-19 and 1,049 in Broward.

Additionally, Palm Beach County has 39,662 positive cases and Monroe 1,666. A total of 35,200 people have been hospitalized in the state during this outbreak, which is not to say that all are hospitalized at this time.

In the central state, Hillsborough County has 34,851 cases and Orange has 33,946 confirmed COVID-19 cases. In the Southwest, Lee County has 17,596 positives and Collier County 11,016.

Economic problems

The encouraging news, however, contrasts with the low economic forecasts of the state, which according to official estimates released over the weekend will stop receiving $ 3.4 billion in revenue due to the pandemic.

This reduction is due in large part to overall revenues coming from sales and corporate income taxes, which have been cut, among others due to the drop in tourism, Florida’s economic engine.

Tax revenues began to plummet in April after companies closed or were drastically reduced due to the pandemic.

A committee, made up of delegates from the Florida Legislature and Executive, also determined this weekend that a budget deficit of $ 2 billion is expected for 2021-22.

The state of Florida received $ 8.238 million through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES), of which $ 2.472 million went to local governments.

The health agency released details about its update to the coronavirus isolation guide.