Miami : Fourth week of federal unemployment assistance approved – .

All part of the executive action signed by President Donald Trump where $ 44 billion is available, administered by FEMA for stories against disasters. They are limited resources.

Initially, the federal government approved three payments of $ 300 for Florida, for the weeks ending August 1, 8 and 15. Today the addition of a fourth payment is known, for the week ending August 22.

Daniel Rowinsky, attorney for “Legal Services of Greater Miami” says yes “they are going to receive $ 300 above what they normally receive under the other program.”

In total it would be an additional $ 1,200 in August, if that month you were still out of work due to the pandemic and received the benefits of regular unemployment assistance, special assistance for self-employed workers or the extension of state unemployment assistance.

The lawyer clarifies that -if they still do not reach him- the $ 300 deposits should enter his account automatically or by check, according to the state.

“And it is contingent on the government reaching an agreement to supplement unemployment benefits,” says Rowinsky.

Today a bipartisan group is expected to present a new economic stimulus bill in Congress.

And regarding those workers with pending applications from before July, will they receive the $ 600 from the Care Act?

“They are going to pay you the $ 600. The fact that the program has expired does not mean that one is not eligible for the 600 dollars as long as they claim and are eligible for weeks before July 25 ”.

Continuation of federal unemployment benefits now depends on any decision by Congress. Democrats and Republicans cannot agree on investment priorities and the amounts of a new economic stimulus package.